Be Part of an Award-Winning Dance Team

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Do you prefer hobbies with a goal-oriented aspect? Then the competitive dance team at Broadway on Main might be the perfect place for you. Our studio in Toms River, NJ participates in in-state competitions where dancers can show off their skills and leave with awards.

When you join our team, you'll get to learn the dance routines and practice multiple times a week. It's a great way to grow as a dancer and form bonds with your teammates. Contact us today to discuss joining a dance team.

Check out our awesome achievements

There are several awards up for grabs at the competitions we participate in. Our dance team has won awards for:

Emotional execution
Polarizing Presentation
Sensational storyteller
Beauty and Grace
Top Choreographer Awards
Title winners and lots of 1st place overalls

Our stellar track record is proof of the amazing instructors and talented dancers we have at our studio. Call us now at 908-910-6752 learn more about our competitive dance teams.